One week to go!

Our sponsored family should be arriving in one week and things are now moving quickly. It looks like we may have found an 3 bedroom apartment with a sympathetic landlord in North End Halifax. The apartment is ready to move in and is also near where many members of our sponsorship group live. Once the place is confirmed we’ll be busy going in and cleaning, and hopefully moving the furniture in this weekend before their arrival.

As mentioned before, we are urgently looking for some arabic speakers to act as volunteer translators over the next few weeks until our other volunteers come back from holidays. If you can help with this please get in touch: (note: volunteers who are in contact with the family need to complete a criminal record check)

We’d also be glad for any help with cleaning and moving since we are working with a pretty short timeline.

Some household items are still needed as well:

-single bed frame (we gave our bunk bed to the family who took over previous apartment)
-dresser, maybe bedside tables
-clothing, toys, and possibly a crib and bedding for six month old girl
-baby carrier
-clothing/toys/activities for 12 year old girl
-clothing/toys for 4year old boy
-bikes and bike helmets for the family
-rain gear and umbrellas for family
-second hand cell phone which can be used with prepaid service

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